Global Remedies

Ummelina Day Spa

Global Remedies

From the moment you enter, you will know that you have arrived in a very special place.

As the door closes softly behind you, the journey begins.

Greeted by a Guide, shed the baggage of the everyday world and freely explore unique treasures, to delight and nourish, that have been carefully selected from around the world.

COMFORTS FROM SPA - Bucky Hotties and More
ESSENCE of UMMELINA - Authentic Organic Aromatherapy
HAIR & SCALP CARE - The Best of Nature, Natural Hair Care
Mineral Makeup
TEA SPA - Organic Herbal Teas
UMMELINA SPA FORMULA - Natural Skin Care Collection

In the unique setting that is Global Remedies, look forward to a total experience shaped by the natural environment and the treasured riches of distant lands.

For centuries indigenous people have listened to the earth and gleaned its riches. Ummelina has brought these gifts together in a setting that must be seen to be believed.

Visit us anytime you need to restore health and balance, when you're looking for a very special something, when you need to perfect pause or an unusual and perfect gift.

Pick up a gift certificate and share the uniqueness that is Ummelina!
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