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Well Being


  • Good for cold and flu season
  • Antiseptic and anti-viral good at home or office
  • Helps stimulate and support immune system
  • Organic/Wild-crafted Ingredients:
    Australian Tea Tree, French Eucalyptus, French Lavender, Egyptian Geranium, French Thyme Linalol

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    Travelers Shower Ritual Kit

    NEW! Lavender Harvest and Well Being collection of Hand & Body Cleanser and Moisture. Travel sizes in a zipper bag with set of Body Sponges.
    Price: $45.00

    Well Being Aromatic Mist

    Spray with a spritz of our Aromatherapy Face & Body Mist. Also, as an environmental enhancer, especially during the cold Fall and Winter seasons, sanitize any room.
    Price: $25.00  $20.00

    Well Being Bath & Body Oil - 4 oz

    Enhance your bath, especially during the cold and flu season, with this moisturizing and easily absorbed oil. Great for massage or after-shower hydration.
    Price: $28.00

    Well Being Bath Salts - 8 oz

    For a refreshing and therapeutic bath experience to help stimulate and support the immune system.
    Price: $25.00

    Well Being Face & Body Mask

    Exfoliate, Repair, and Aid. For hand & foot care, calluses, cuticles, & hangnails; body/face blemishes, eczema/psoriasis, & topical dermatitis.
    Price: $45.00

    Well Being Hand & Body Cleanser

    Pure & Healthy; your skin will tell the difference. The best for your hands and body cleansing. For the whole family, enjoy!
    Price: $35.00

    Well Being Home Shower Ritual

    Well Being hand and body cleanser 16 oz. plus Well Being moisture 8oz. Two body sponges for lathering foam wash. All included in our gift package. Easy two step care for the whole body.
    Price: $58.00

    Well Being Organic Reed diffuser

    Diffuser reeds fragrance the air by allowing the highly concentrated Organic Essential Oil liquid to seep up through the reeds and evaporate.
    Price: $35.00

    Well Being Sea Salt Glow - 16 oz

    The ultimate in aromatic body exfoliation with moisturizing oils, exfoliating sea salt, and an immune stimulating essential oil blend to leave your skin smooth and glowing.
    Price: $38.00

    Well Being Synergy - 5 ml

    An antiseptic and anti-viral blend that helps stimulate and support the immune system. Good for cold and flu season to use at home or at the office.
    Price: $28.00

    Well Being Tea - 2 oz

    Anti-viral properties of Olive Leaf and Lemon Balm empower this tea.
    Price: $15.00

    Zen with Well Being .5 oz.

    Well Being synergy and grape seed oil,blended and packaged in an frosted green glass roll on bottle. Great for break-outs, protection from viruses, sanitizing hands and aromatherapy. Easy to carry i...
    Price: $20.00

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