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  • Energizing & Stimulating for mind & body
  • Good for physical & mental fatigue
  • Increases energy, memory & circulation
  • Digestive Stimulant
  • Eases stress & anxiety
  • Organic/Wild-crafted Ingredients:
    Israeli Grapefruit, Moroccan Rosemary, French Peppermint, Chinese Ginger, Indian Basil

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    Vital Aromatic Mist

    Refresh with a spritz of our Aromatherapy Face & Body Mist.
    Price: $25.00  $20.00

    Vital Bath & Body Oil - 4 oz

    Transform your bath with this moisturizing and easily absorbed oil.
    Price: $28.00  $22.40

    Vital Bath Salts - 8oz

    For an energizing, stimulating and therapeutic bath experience.
    Price: $25.00  $20.00

    Vital Body Moisture

    Organic refreshing essential oils infused in a seaweed moisture base for deep hydration and protection. Baobab dry oil for fast penetrations and nutrients.
    Price: $6.00  $4.80

    Vital Organic Hand & Body Cleanser

    Pure & Healthy, your skin will tell the difference. Only the best for your hands and body cleansing. For the whole family. Enjoy Stimulating and energizing.
    Price: $11.00  $8.80

    Vital Sea Salt Glow - 16 oz

    The ultimate in aromatic body exfoliation with moisturizing oils, exfoliating sea salt, and the purest essential oil blend to leave your skin smooth and glowing.
    Price: $38.00  $32.30

    Vital Synergy - 5 ml

    An energizing and stimulating blend for the mind and body.
    Price: $28.00  $22.40

    Vital Tea - 2 oz

    Uplifting Organic Herbal Tea
    Price: $15.00  $12.00

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