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Organic French Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml.

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Lavender augustifolia...fresh, sweet floral scent. Excellent for healing burns, including sunburn, insect bites, rashes, cuts, headaches and skin conditions.

Helpful for insomnia, nervous conditions, anxiety, panic, and tension. Can be used safely on children. Pure, therapeutic essential oil of the highest quality available is an adaptogen with antibiotic, antiseptic, restorative, anti-inflammatory antidepressant and calmative qualities.

Lavender is capable of many important jobs and is a delight to use. Every home should have a bottle of lavender essential oil, if no other, because it is so very effective in the treatment of burns and scalds. It is one of the two essential oils that can be applied to the skin without dilution. (Tea Tree being the other) A few drops onto burns, cuts, athletics foot, or insect bites starts immediate relief.

Lavender oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, sedative, and detoxifier which promotes healing and prevents scaring, stimulates the immune system and contributes to the healing process by stimulating the cells of a wound to regenerate more quickly. It also has a multitude of other qualities that make it a truly indispensable oil. A must for everyone's natural medicine cabinet.

Home Spa Rituals

3-5 drops as a natural perfume for the body and hair.

4-6 drops into warm water of diffuser bowl.

Infuse your bath with 12-15 drops after reclining into the water. Wave your hands through the water to disperse and inhale deeply.

Create an aromatic shower, 4-6 drops into your hands and wave them through the air and water spray.

Deep inhalation, 1-3 drops into your hands, cup or wave around your nose and breathe deeply.

3-5 drops onto a tissue or cotton pad, tuck into your pillows & drawers, refresh as needed.

3-5 drops onto a wash cloth and toss into dryer with clothes

Infuse a bowl of dried flowers, cones, stones or... for a natural potpourri 10 drops per ounce into non-scented lotions, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, etc. Create your own collection from your Lavender Essential Oil.
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