Ummelina Day Spa


Mother's Creative Journey


"Pay attention to the pregnant woman. THERE IS NO ONE MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHE!" ~ Chagga saying ~ Africa

Celebrate your regal journey through pregnancy with a holiday designed just for you. Spend a few hours allowing your needs to take center stage. Let Guides nurture and enhance your special serenity and beauty.
Enjoy the UMMELINA Facial. Hands and weary feet will be treated to gentle, relaxing massage that will nourish, soften and revitalize.
An hour has been reserved to honor your body with relaxing massage. Draped for privacy, comfort and warmth, take this special time to bond with the life inside of you.

Price range determined by experience level of Skin Care Therapist
~ 3 1/4 to 4 1/2 hours

Mother's Creative Journey 1

Mother's Creative Journey 2

Mother's Creative Journey 3

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