Ummelina Day Spa




Imagine the most luxurious and "scentual" body experience. The ultimate journey toward complete relaxation and balance. Exotic fragrances transport you to the land of Sherazade and you picture tents pitched under desert skies.

Soak in scented Aromatic Waters imbued with age-old organic preparations from the Far East to soften and soothe your skin. Relax and dream of a lush oasis while your body is massaged with precious botanicals.

Listen to the distant melodies of ancient instruments while your body is polished and smoothed with a luscious potion of crushed rosebuds, ground herbs, spices and essential oils. Glowing, with skin like silk, your body is dusted with aromatic powder.

In preparation for your return from this symbaritic tour, a Guide skilled in the arts of natural beauty will add flattering finishing touches to your eyes and lips. With your journey complete, you return to your point of origin feeling the power of your true self.
~ 2 1/2 hours

Price: $275.00

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Ummelina Day Spa