Ummelina Day Spa


Taking the Waters
Naugh Chez Journey


Ummelina believes in the healing waters of hydro-therapy. We are known for our unique Waterfall & Monsoon showers, Mineral Springs, Oceana, and Aromatic Foot Baths, plus the Rainforest environment.

Come Take the Waters solo or duo and experience the power of the healing waters.

Nauch Chez Journey - "Naches" River.
Yakama Nation translation - "Plenty of water".
Believed to be spirit refreshing...

Aromatic Foot Bath, Waterfalls or Monsoon Showers, Mineral Springs or Oceana Baths and the Rainforest Excursion.

Waters are infused with herbs, salts and oils from around the Globe. Plenty of Water...Truly Refreshing!
1 1/2 hours

Price: $100.00

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Ummelina Day Spa