Ummelina Day Spa


Pacific Rim


Journey Solo or Duo...enter the land of the Far East... a tranquil temple garden for your pleasure.
Seated in a luxurious multi-jet shower, receive a gentle back scrub, and then step into an authentic Japanese soaking tub for a time of deep relaxation. The water, infused with herbs, oils, and other natural ingredients brought from the Pacific Rim will promote a Zen-like state for body, mind and soul.

The final leg of your journey is to a place of balance. Here you experience an energy balancing full body massage for alignment, relaxation, and receptivity. Return from this journey a calmer, centered you. You may not be able to convince others that you've spent two hours in the Far East but they will know that you've been someplace special!
~ 2 hours Prices are based per person

Pacific Rim ~ 2 hours

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Ummelina Day Spa