Ummelina Day Spa


The Equator


Journey Solo or Duo...On this odyssey, relax under a true waterfall or submerge in Oceana or Mineral Springs and receive the natural healing and restorative properties of the flowing water.
Move your body to receive the water's healing forces. The scents of nature surround you and the water washes away all stress.

Then journey into the warm, moist environment of the steamy Rain Forest. While relaxing under a canopy of gentle rain, surrender to the pleasure of an exfoliating salt rub followed by a luxuriating water massage. Pause in a comfortable lounger for a brief rest before continuing your journey.

Arrive in the Desert, where dry heat enfolds you as warm oils and muds from around the world are applied to your body. You lie basking as if in the warmth of the meridian sun.

A visit to the Monsoon, to cool down your body and center before returning to the world anew, fresh and well traveled.
~ 2 hours

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