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Our Skin Care Guides provide treatment, education, and products for your skin's needs with cleansing, balancing and moisturizing in our signature Facial Rituals.

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Add on Hot Stones

Add on Hot Stones to your massage or Facial. The energy from the heat, oil and stone promote deep relaxation.
Price: $25.00

Clear Back

Special care is given to this hard to reach area.
Price: $130.00

Deep Cleanse

Especially beneficial for overactive skin
Price: $90.00

Fusion Facial

A specialized facial that incorporates both the Revive Facial with a Healing Facial Ritual.
Price: $190.00

Grape Wine Peel Facial

A natural multi-fruited acid complex derived from Grape and Wine Extracts.
Price: $90.00

JOURNEY DUO - Couples Massage, Facials, Nail Care, Baths and Journeys

Most all of our Rituals can be done solo or duo. The price is per person. So double the cost and your ready to journey duo.
Price: $90.00

Peptide Peel

Ultilizing breakthrough phyto-peptide technology to firm/lift/tone and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Price: $95.00

Revive Facial

The trademark Ummelina Facial...
Price: $135.00


A specialized custom treatment for our male clients.
Price: $155.00

Sinus Facial

Focused on clearing, relieving, and soothing the sinus and respiratory system.
Price: $90.00

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