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Celebration Massage


In celebration of your body... prepare with an aromatic shower to wash away the tensions of the outside world. A full body massage specially tailored to reduce stress and muscle soreness. Increases circulation, relieves tension and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

Massage is elevated into total body care by a unique combination of plant lipids and seaweed which provide a deeply nourishing and hydrating moisturizer for skin. Skin is remineralized leaving it healthy and smooth as the scent of botanical oils carries you inside your body and mind encouraging centering of the spirit. Reawaken from this relaxing massage with an essential oil hydrosol blended to revive your spirit before you reenter the real world.

Celebration incorporates a combination of massage techniques. Ummelina's exceptionally skilled massage Guides are masters of a number of body care therapies. Surrender to expert hands and experience the liberation of these specialized massage treatments: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Sports, Accupressure, Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity, Lymphatic and Shiatsu.

Treatments include footbath ~

See also Hot Stone Massage under Body Rituals. Price range determined by experience of Guide.

Couples Massage priced per person.

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Celebration Massage 1/2 hour treatment

Celebration Massage 1 hour treatment

Celebration Massage 1 1/2 hour treatment

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